Tuesday, February 28

Here's some totally awesome interior spaces I found on Pinterest and Design Sponge. These spaces are just so bright and fresh, and inhabited by all kinds of lovely stuff.

What would you do to have this mint fridge?!

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Artist Crush


Monday, February 27

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. We had an Oscar Party here and it was a ton of fun! We got dressed up, made some hor d'ourves, and had some drinks. I didn't take nearly enough pictures as I had planned, but oh well. 

Since fashion week is coming up soon, I wanted to share these beautiful images from Cate Parr, owner of Etsy store silverridgestudio. These gorgeous watercolor paintings are inspired by high fashion images of models from magazines like Vogue and Elle. The palettes are so rich and the brushstrokes are so expressive. I just love the way she reinterprets found images, into these portraits that are both dreamy and dramatic. You can find prints of these lovely paintings at her Etsy shop in all sizes, and also more designs!

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Friday, February 24

Interested in sponsoring Calico Skies in March? Well I would love to hear from you! I'm currently offering free button swapping to those of you who want promote your growing blog or business.

If you are interested in swapping buttons contact me for more information at

52 Week Challenge: #5 DIY Stationary


I don't about you, but I LOVE handmade stationary. Here's my attempt at some homemade greeting cards. 
I got some new art supplies for my birthday, and I was so excited to put them to use. I just love mixing different mediums and working with collage. 
My lovely boyfriend gave me this really awesome custom stamp set that I had been wanting. You can write out any words or messages that you like, so it's really fun to make your cards personal. Just remember arrange your letters backwards!
I was also excited to use my new watercolors, also from my bf. I had some thank you cards to send out so this project was perfect. I was pretty pleased with my results!!!

Hope your all have a wonderful weekend!!!

Guest post on Life As Twiggy


Thursday, February 23

Here's a sneak peek of a DIY post that I shared over on Life As Twiggy last week. I can't believe I didn't think of sharing it until now! Go check out her blog to see the rest
I've been swamped with work this week (and 2nd the Hunger Games book), but stay tuned for some DIY projects coming up this weekend!!!

Things I Dig


Tuesday, February 21

Man, it feels good to be back. Except that I didn't go anywhere, rather I spent the whole weekend wrapped up in reading The Hunger Games. I COULD NOT put it it down. I read the first one in 24 hours, and I'm well into Catching Fire. Anyone else as obsessed as me?

Well, back to reality, here are some of my favorites from Pinterest this week, come follow me!

I'm excited for springtime and all things floral, what do you think of this pretty arrangement?
Pretty braids...
This print...
Spring means pastels, and I just LOVE these nail colors...
This suede and leather clutch is just sweet...
I'm definitely going to search for a version of this...
I want one of these Zoku ice pop makers SO bad, they're so cool! Go to their website...
And a lovely reminder from Lucy...

This past week or so has been pretty busy. I celebrated my birthday, we did Valentine's, and we went away for our anniversary.  Doesn't leave a ton of time for blogging. So, I'm playing catch up and sharing some pictures from recent travels and festivities. 
Chris and I drove up to Solvang, CA. It's a little Dutch inspired town, really cute. 
We could walk to all the restaurants and stores from our hotel. The little bakeries and cafes and of course windmills, really brought back some memories from our trip to Amsterdam last summer.
Oh yeah, and the beer.
Since we were in wine country, of course we did some tasting. Chris brought me to this really pretty vineyard where we had a tasting with snack, and a tour of the winery. We felt pretty sophisticated, ha.
We ended our mini-trip by watching the sunset on the beach in Santa Barbara. 
A Valentine's card I made for Chris <3

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!

52 Week Challenge: #4 Collared Sweater DIY


Thursday, February 16

Here's an easy way to makeover a plain old sweater you make have in your closet, and turn it into a pretty collared sweater.
Collars are EVERYWHERE lately, here's some cute ones from Pinterest.
Instead, I decided to make my own. My aunt recently gave me some vintage lace collars, well I assume they were collars. Look at this collection of lovely vintage ones:
I've found that these vintage collars have a little snap so that you can remove them and wear them with other sweaters, so cute!!! But regular lace does just fine.
Pin the lace to the neck of your sweater, like this. Tack it on, using just a few stitches. Leave some space if you have a button. This will give you the option of removing the lace if you ever change your mind.
You may need to run an iron over your new sweater, so that the collar lays flat. Enjoy!!!

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