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Tuesday, January 31

Here are a few things that I think are pretty cool:

Love these prints:

He cleans up nicely, don't you think?
Love the pink detailing on this coat, and the cropped sleeves...
And this parka...
How lovely is this gold infinity ring?
Vintage sewing table re-purposed into a bathroom sink, so awesome...oh, and I totally want that mirror...
I SO want to try this doily dreamcatcher DIY...
Felted wool rug. I would not want to step on this...
Came across these paper doll projects...

Have a great week!

52 Week Challenge: #2 Sweetheart Garland


Sunday, January 29

Here's how to make a cute felt heart garland for Valentine's day. Garland is so cute to hang around the house, in a window, or against a wall. but I thought this sweetheart garland would be cute in the boudoir above the bed, since it is the month of love.
Supplies: Felt in assorted colors, craft thread, embroidery needle, disappearing fabric pen, cardboard for stencil, and a pair of good scissors.
1. Using the fabric marker, trace about 6-10 hearts, you can always add more later.
2. Put on a Netflix show,  get comfy on the couch, and cut out your hearts using a sharp pair of scissors.
3. Erase your marks with water, and flatten them with a warm iron if they are all bent up like mine were.
4. Use a running stitch to connect the hearts, make sure you are stringing them in the same direction. 
Hang it up in your room, and give your Valentine a smooch!

Happy Friday


Friday, January 27

I found these shots of Zooey Deschanel over at Miss Indie, isn't she such a doll? Have a great weekend!

Valentine's Day DIY Ideas


Thursday, January 26

Been thinking of some projects to do for the month of February. It's a busy month, AND the shortest, there's Valentine's Day, our anniversary, and my birthday. There's so many great ideas out there for baking, decorations and gift ideas all to do with LOVE! Here are a few I want to try:

This recipe look DELICIOUS
These chocolate covered spoons would be sooo sweet to give as a gift with a mug and some hot cocoa
Thinking of making something like this for Chris
I'd love to make some garland, this paint chip garland looks simple to make and is so cute!
But then there's this idea too
These DIY glitter jars would be cute to make, I love the idea of filling them with candy
This bunting is just so cute, I love the mix matchy patterns
I've been into making my own cards lately, and found these on cool ones Etsy and they totally give me some ideas:

love this one...
And this one
This one is perfect for me and Chris because we both love our coffee
Happy Crafting!

52 Week Challenge: #1 Earring Display DIY


Tuesday, January 24

This year I wanted to challenge myself to make one thing each week, every week, for one year. I got the idea from some lovely bloggers that I follow, namely Manzanita and her 52 Week Granny Square project. I already love to paint, build, draw and sew.... so I thought that documenting every piece each week would encourage/force me to actually finish the projects I start. Also, my family and friends have been commissioning me to do artwork for them over the years, like original paintings, portraits of kids and dogs of course, and more of my felt bird ornaments!

So, I thought I would begin the 52 weeks by starting with a project I have been wanting to do... I posted some different ideas of how to display your jewelry in cute and creative ways here. It was my friend Jessica's birthday this weekend, and she has a ton of earrings so I thought I would try this out and give it to her.

Here's what you need:
I found this framed needlepoint piece at a local thrift store, I felt guilty at first about removing it from the frame, but I figured I have no place to hang it, and I'm putting it to a new use!
1. First, measure the dimensions of the most inward lip of the frame. This is important because you don't want the mesh to lay flat against the wall, or it would be difficult to insert earrings.
2. Then, using a ruler, draw the dimensions on paper and trace the lines onto the wire mesh. This will help you get the straightest lines.
3. Then cut along the lines, leaving small 1-2" tabs on each side. Place mesh inside of the of the frame and staple the tabs at an angle onto the frame.
4. Finish securing the mesh with small beads of hot glue on each corner.
And voila! your done! you can set the frame on your dresser or lean it against a wall. I secured two metal hangers on the back and tied some velvet ribbon so that it can be hung on the wall like this...
She loved it!

DIY Felt Bunting Banner


Thursday, January 19

Last month, my boyfriend and his brother celebrated their birthdays by doing some Scotch tasting at home with some friends. I thought I'd make the occasion a little more festive by making a Banner for the bar. Here's how it came out.
I tried to make the bunting seem more "masculine", so I used rustic colors and a plaid pattern. 
I just printed out letters in photoshop to spell "Scotch", I used Gill Sans Bold font. I cut them out and traced them on the fabric using a disappearing pen. I used a basic running switch to put the pieces together, if your'e not handy with a needle and thread, tacky glue works real well on felt.

Anthropologie January 2012 Issue


Wednesday, January 18

So this little beauty came for me today. Unfortunately most (or let's face it all) of the things in this catalog are out of my price range, but a girl can dream, right?

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